Thursday, October 21, 2021

Psychiatry is a vehicle of Satan

Roosh V. writes:
From my research and firsthand experience, psychiatry is a vehicle of Satan to destroy minds, sterilize women, and ultimately condemn souls to hell.

The secular world makes people ill by denying the presence of God, and then the secular world gives the solution of psychiatry and its obsession of prescribing anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs which fleece billions of dollars from patients via recurring monthly payments for those who become dependent on them and simply cannot quit. The situation has become so bad that even the leftist media is starting to highlight a problem that is called antidepressant discontinuation syndrome, where some people must take pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of their lives to avoid mental incapacitation, “brain zaps,” total psychosis, and even permanent brain damage.

Psychiatric drugs are hard to get off of because the brain reworks itself around the artificial chemicals it finds itself bathed in daily, and as soon as those chemicals are withdrawn, the brain cannot adapt fast enough to create a neurochemical balance that does not result in a variety of terrifying mental symptoms which many patients cannot handle without severe disruption to their lives and overall health. ...

Did you know that psychiatric drugs were explicitly targeted to women, particularly white women? ...

Feminism is demonic because it inverts the natural order by trying to make man as coming from the woman’s rib instead of the other way around, and here comes the psychiatrist to further enable this inversion with a heavily-marketed drug that keeps the independent woman working, without a husband, while just functional enough to take care of her pets and social media accounts that are replacements for children she cannot have because of a spiritual condition made worse by the secular authorities she should never have trusted.

How can a woman, who is chemically numbed in the brain, have the discernment to pick a husband?

He is banned just about everywhere. I do not necessarily agree with what he says, but he has good insights, and should be heard.

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