Friday, March 05, 2021

The plot to destroy girls' sports

Jerry Coyne explains:
Mara Keisling, the founding executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality (Keisling is a transgender woman, which I mention only because it’s relevant to the discussion). ...

Keisling hardens her position as the discussion proceeds, basically asserting that any difference between men and women in sports (and she’s clearly reluctant to admit the existence of such differences) may rest merely on “height” differences.  That, too, is not true, as height is largely irrelevant to sports like weightlifting except insofar as it’s correlated with weight and muscle mass.

Keisling’s is the position of extreme transgender advocates: there are no average differences in sports performance between men and women.

Note that Biden’s executive order of January 20—prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation—pretty clearly states that there should be no discrimination in sports based on gender identity, so that if your gender identity is that of a woman, regardless of whether you’ve undergone medical treatment, you should be able to compete as a woman. There is nothing in his order about any kind of medical treatment. Taken literally, Biden’s order spells the end of women’s sports in secondary schools.

Keisling is Jewish, and his sex is male. He adopted a female gender identity in his 40s. This info is from Wikipedia. It does not say whether or not he was castrated, or what his real name is.

Keisling is determined to use his mental illness to destroy girls' sports, and try to gain accepted for his perverted activities.

Other news:

A group of Democrat California lawmakers are considering a bill (AB 2826) that would fine department stores for separating children’s toys, clothing and other products by gender.
If there were no difference between boys and girls, then there would no need for one to transition to the other.

Apparently there is a leftist belief that toys should be unisex, whether kids like it or not.

The sponsor of this bill is not Jewish, but is an openly gay man with no kids.

Our society is being taken over by radical extremists pushing policies that benefit no one.

This stuff is all so crazy. I don't why anyone would want to listen to a middle-aged Jewish man who likes to dress up as a woman and try to destroy girls sports. Or to a Chinese gay man with no kids who wants to limit how parents buy toys for their kids. There is just no merit to anything that these creeps say.

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