Monday, March 01, 2021

Swedish women import Africans to be rapists

Sweden is a feminist utopia, where women manipulate men in many ways, including phony rape charges. Just look at Julian Assange, who was imprisoned for 7 years on investigation of a Swedish rape. The woman admitted to having consensual sexual relations with him, but wanted to hassle him anyway, after she found out about another woman. Apparently he had no idea that was how things work in Sweden.

Officially Assange was to be held for questioning about his own guilt. That police practice would be unconstitutional in the USA.

Since the Swedish men are all emasculated, the women eagerly import African migrants, and they also don't understand the local feminist customs.

Breitbart reports:

The Lund University found the majority of convicted rapists in Sweden are of migrant backgrounds and nearly half of rapists born abroad in a landmark study which is one of the first of its kind in the high-migration level nation.

The study, which was published online on February 22nd, looked at a total of 3,039 convicted rapists and found that 59.3 per cent of the convicts came from ‘migrant backgrounds’ — first and second-generation migrants.

For those offenders born outside of Sweden — 47.8 per cent in total — 34.5 per cent came from the North African and Middle Eastern region, while 19.1 per cent came from sub-Saharan Africa.

Snopes denies that Sweden is the rape capital of the world, and explains it this way:
In Sweden we count as many crimes as [the victim] can specify. So we’ve had cases with women who had a diary so they can say, ‘I’ve been raped within this marriage 400 times.’ That will result in 400 reported crimes.
This is sick on many levels. If they are really so anti-rape, why are they importing African migrants?

Sweden is not on the way to anywhere. The only way an African would get to Sweden is if the govt had an active policy of importing Africans. I am guessing that the women want to marry an African man, get raped 400 times, dump him, and get another. Feminists are often promoting more immigration from Third World countries.

This where we are headed. With Pres. Biden leading the way:

Joe Biden is the “most aggressively anti-Catholic President in history” despite his outward show of piety, Virginia priest and director of Human Life International, Father Jerry Pokorsky, states.

“For most of his political life — from his consistent pro-abortion record to his officiating at a gay wedding in 2016 — despite his Catholic affiliation and public pious practices, Joe Biden has magnified and institutionalized countless major violations of the Ten Commandments,” Father Pokorsky writes in an essay Friday.

“The hypocrisy rivals that of the chief priests and Pharisees and is worthy of the same condemnation,” the priest declares. “Indeed, Biden is the most aggressively anti-Catholic President in history.”

Pretty soon all the wives in America will keep a diary of their sexual relations. If a husband forgets to carry out the garbage or otherwise gets the disapproval of the wife, she will file charges of 400 rapes. And they run off with some African migrant, for some more rapes.

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