Monday, October 05, 2020

Two Jews consider moving to Canada

The Times of Israel reports:
By 11:42 a.m. on the morning after US President Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacists during the presidential debate, Heather Segal had received four inquiries from Americans interested in moving to Canada. Two of them were Jewish.

Segal, an immigration lawyer in Toronto, knows there’s always a spike in inquiries during US election years. But in her 25 years of experience, it’s never been as big as it is now.

The Jews perpetrate a hoax that Trump refused to condemn white supremacists, and now two Jews are interested in moving to Canada?

This sounds like a joke. Trump condemned white supremacy several times in the debate, and never refused. You would have to be mentally retarded to think that he refused.

Biden has based his whole campaign on Jewish hoaxes about what Trump supposedly did or did not do. Biden even brought up injecting bleach, during the debate.

And now it is news that two Jews inquired about moving to Canada?!!

“In my life, I have never seen what I’m seeing,” said Segal, who is herself Jewish. She said she hears the same fears from one Jewish American after another.

“What they echo to me: ‘We’ve seen this before,’” Segal said. “‘I’m not going to get stuck. I’m not going to get caught. We know how this goes. There’s going to be a civil war. It’s going to be the end of democracy. I’m very concerned for our future. I don’t want to wait and see what happens. My grandparents left Poland in World War II.’”

According to all the polls, Joe Biden is almost certain to be the next President. So they are presumably concerned that Pres. Biden will let BLM and Antifa riot in the streets, and incite a race war.


MikeAdamson said...

Well call me retarded because Trump never did condemn white supremacists or the violent right. He said he would but he could never bring himself to do it. Not much of a President really.

Roger said...

Trump used exactly the language requested by Wallace and Biden. Check the transcript.