Sunday, October 04, 2020

Gloria gives White-hating interview

In an interview, famous feminist Gloria Steinem seems to get life insurance mixed up with health insurance>
Watson: What was the perspective of the insurance industry?

Steinem: Well, they had to race equalize their actuarial tables. If they also had to sex equalize their actuarial tables, then they would have to stop … for instance, a woman who doesn’t smoke may pay a higher premium than a man who does smoke because she might live longer, all right? They would have to stop doing that.

No, actuarial tables show that women live longer than men, so that is why they would pay less for life insurance.

Health insurance is another story, as pregnancy can be expensive. Steinem did not marry until well past her child-bearing years, and never had any kids. She reportedly had a long-term Black man lover whom she never married. Marriage would have endorsed the patriarchy, or something like that.

She goes on to attack Whites:

And also I think it’s probably key that we are becoming a majority-nonwhite country. The first generation of babies who are majority babies of color has already been born. This seems to me great. We’re going to look more like the rest of the world.
She is part Jewish. This is an example of what some people call advocacy of White Genocide. She says it is "great" that Whites are being culturally and genetically exstinguished, and replaced with non-whites.

This is like saying: It would be great if Hawaii were to be repopulated with White people, so that the nonwhites are marginalized and Hawaii becomes a White-dominant state like the great White countries of the past.

Or: It would be great if Jews diminished to a minority in Israel, so Moslems would take over and make it more like other Mideast countries.

Meanwhile, the Wash. Examiner reports:

The Department of Homeland Security will grant millions of dollars in funding to outside organizations focused on combating far-right extremism and white supremacy. a sign on the side of a fence © Provided by Washington Examiner

The department's program, called Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention, agreed to provide $10 million in grants to organizations including Life After Hate, which was founded by reformed white supremacists and helps people trying to leave the far right, the School of Communication at American University to develop a strategy for combating disinformation circulated by the far right online, and others, according to the Wall Street Journal.

100% of the riots have been driven by left-wing hate groups, not right-wing. This is just govt subsidized political propaganda.

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