Saturday, October 03, 2020

Explaining White Supremacy

I posted that "white supremacist" is a racial slur, as no one calls himself one. So I consulted the site that comes closest to it that I could find.

Andrew Anglin was deplatformed for pro-white views, and he writes:

“White supremacy” appears to be a term that just refers to “normal white people in general.” I do not think this is a meaningful term beyond simply being a slur for white people who do not ascribe to extremist Marxist policies. ...

Yes, I care about white people, yes I believe that America is a white country and should remain that way, and yes, I believe that making America less white is an unambiguously negative phenomenon. I’m also particularly unhappy with the way that Marxist Jews have taken over every institution of power in my country and used it to attack white people and Christianity. I am extremely unhappy with the rapid pace of social change, including the empowerment of women and homosexuals which has led to an absolute collapse of the family, creating a totally unsafe environment for children.

But none of that is especially controversial among normal people and it isn’t radical. It certainly isn’t the “pure evil” that the media is portraying it as. ...

Donald Trump is a “white supremacist” by the definition they are giving. He is pointing to a historical America that was safer, healthier, more fun, more creative, more godly, more beautiful, and better for children than the America we have now, and saying that we should be working to return to that America, instead of doubling down on the “progressive” agenda which has resulted in such monumental human suffering and destruction of the creative and spiritual impulses of the people.

If you’re a white person who disagrees with the way this country has been transformed, you disagree with the riots, you disagree with the hatred shown by the media against normal white families, then you are who they are referring to when they say “white supremacist.” You are who they are condemning as evil. And they are going to come for you, just as they have come for me. They are going to destroy your life, as they have destroyed my life. In this future world that they are building, there is no place for anything of the old world, and that includes any type of normal, healthy masculinity, any type of natural, normal family values, any protections of the innocence of children, any form of open creative expression, and the very concept of beauty.

He is right about this.

The word "Nazi" is similar in that no one calls himself a Nazi. I thought that Hitler's Nazi Party did, that that is not even true. I just learned the term "Nazi" is a Commie term. It was not used by the Nazis themselves.

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