Saturday, October 10, 2020

Talk radio is at the heart of Trumpism

From a NY Times op-ed:
This suspicion that elite institutions — the media, universities, government, Big Tech — are run by hostile liberal gatekeepers seeking to silence conservative voices continues to fuel right-wing anxiety. It also helps explain conservative support for Mr. Trump, who can be accused of many things but not of failing to speak his mind.
Suspicion? It is true that those are run by hostile liberal gatekeepers.

As the article explains, the notable exception is talk radio.

It is funny how left-wing talk radio hosts have failed. In my opinion, it is mostly because leftist political figures are in denial about basic truths, and have to say stuff that they don't believe. They cannot keep it up for 3 hours like Rush Limbaugh. They cannot handle the occasional caller who destroys their arguments. They don't have enough protection for their phony policies.

If Pres. Trump gets re-elected, he should think talk radio, because he does not get a fair shot anywhere else.

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