Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Plot Against America

I tuned into HBO TV, and was surprised to find a pro-Nazi TV show, called The Plot Against America. It is described as alternative history, where America goes fascist during World War II. Amazon Prime TV also has an alternative history series where America goes Nazi, called The Man in the High Castle.

I watched a couple of episodes, and I was surprised at how pro-Nazi it is. Charles Lindbergh is portrayed as a fascist/nazi, but he is the only one telling the truth about President FDR plotting to get America into war. There are many Jews on the show, but they are portrayed in a negative light. The most sensible ones support Lindbergh.

According to the terms of service of most social media today, hate speech is prohibited. Anything pro-Nazi is especially prohibited. But there is a big exception -- hate speech is allowed if it is part of a message that criticizes the hate speech.

So that is the formula for publishing hate speech today. Just couple it with criticism. The HBO show has an occasional comment indicating that this is a nightmare alternative history that we were lucky to avoid. Okay, but FDR really was dishonestly trying to get America into war, and Lindbergh really was a patriotic American.

Just consider: if HBO and Amazon were run by neo-Nazis who wanted to put out a pro-Nazi message, how would they do it? I cannot think of a better way than to broadcast these alternative history shows.

It is unlikely that they are really Nazis, because there aren't any Nazis alive today. You can find some web sites that superficially pro-Nazi, like the Daily Stormer, but they are also using Nazis as an attention-getting device. They do not have much in common with Nazi Germany. They do have political views, but their views are about issues today, like the Wuhan China virus, not Hitler.

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