Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The world has gone mad

ABC News reports that Coronavirus California: COVID-19 may have been spreading in Bay Area since late 2019.

Hydroxychloroquine may be a cure, but authorities are impeding its use. Ventilators may be doing more harm than good.

If you want the facts, I recommend this Swiss doctor summary. He documents what he says.

It is increasingly clear that the justifications for the lockdowns were bogus. The scare stories were wildly exaggerated, such as in this widely influential article. Contrary opinions such as this were censored. In the end, the mortality will probably be less than the flu season two years ago.

I didn't believe that so many otherwise-sensible people would go so crazy. Listening to Dr. Fauci is painful, as he regularly expresses opinions about things way outside of his expertise, and he has been often wrong about what is in his expertise.

Of course the experts will claim that things are not so bad because their policies have reduced the harm. But they have no evidence to back up what they say. There is available evidence, such as by comparing policies of different areas of the world. It appears to me that lockdowns have made things worse.

We would have been much better off if the authorities simply treated the Wuhan virus like a nasty cold virus. I think that it will be eventually proved to be less dangerous than influenza.

I could be wrong about that, but we shall soon see. And I am sure that our world has had a hysterical overreaction to a minor disease, and that the analyses leading to the lockdowns are bogus.

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