Monday, April 06, 2020

Hungary is for Hungarians

Quillette has a lot of good essay, but I am puzzled by this attack:
Nevertheless, they are birds of an authoritarian feather who pose growing threats to US security interests, and they should be treated as such by all Americans.

In response, the United States should create a coalition of allies to isolate Hungary diplomatically and condemn his autocratic rule. They should engage the Hungarian liberal opposition and increase public diplomacy with the Hungarian people through the US Agency for Global Media and its subsidiary organizations Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. And, along with its European and non-European partners, the US should establish a clear red line to assure Orbán that any further moves against US interests will result in sanctions.
Okay, he had some authoritarian responses to the Wuhan virus, but so has America and most other countries.

The article's main complaint is that Orban has criticized George Soros, and a Jewish publication says it is anti-semitic to oppose what it calls "a wealthy Jewish financier". And also some Jews have some ideological complaints about plans to open a Holocaust museum.

The article compares Orban to a Moslem dictator, but of course he is nothing of the kind.
His most controversial maneuver, however, was the 2011 Fundamental Law, ..., and changed the name of the state from the Hungarian Republic to Hungary. This last amendment was the most controversial part of the new constitution.
So all I get out of this is a complaint that Orban is not taking orders from Jewish elites who want to turn Hungary into something else than a Hungarian nation.

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