Monday, April 13, 2020

Biden finally gets full MeToo attack

After sitting on the story for several years, the NY Times finally reports:
Last year, Ms. Reade and seven other women came forward to accuse Mr. Biden of kissing, hugging or touching them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable.
I think these accusations are ridiculous. But there is video of Biden touching girls inappropriately in public events, so I don't think these accusations surprise anyone.
Of course, the NY Times blames it all on Trump:
President Trump has been accused of sexual assault and misconduct by more than a dozen women, who have described a pattern of behavior that went far beyond the accusations against Mr. Biden. The president also directed illegal payments, including $130,000 to a pornographic film actress, Stormy Daniels, before the 2016 election to silence women about alleged affairs with Mr. Trump, according to federal prosecutors.

Mr. Trump has even boasted about his mistreatment of women; in a 2005 recording, he described pushing himself on women and said he would “grab them by the pussy,” bragging that he could get away with “anything” because of his celebrity.
No, this is just partisan libel. Trump should file another libel lawsuit.

No, there is no accusation that Trump forced an employee against a wall and digitally penetrated her. Trump did not make any illegal payments. His lawyer Cohen made a plea deal on some crooked deals that had nothing to do with Trump, and promised to implicate Trump to prosecutors, but nothing came of it. There is nothing illegal about making a payment to settle a claim, whether the claim is true or false. Daniels was extorting money out of Cohen, but she does not claim anything like the accusation against Biden. That 2005 recording was a an out-take to a TV comedy act. Trump jokingly said that women let TV stars grab them by the pussy, but he never said he did that himself.

This business of taking down public figures with ancient and unverifiable sexual allegations has become the dirty practice of the NY Times, Democrats, and mentally-disturbed creeps like Ronan Farrow. Biden helped start this nonsense, and he was the one to let Anita Hill testify against Clarence Thomas with her bogus accusations. Biden deserves what he gets.

Again, I don't agree with any of this, and this accuser Reade is very unlikely to be telling the truth. But the NY Times has published about 1000 articles with false accusations against Trump, and it is about time they admit that there are charges against Biden also.

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