Wednesday, March 15, 2023

The Birth Gap Hoax

There is a new documentary video on Birthgap - Childless World PART 1:
The era of ultra-low birthrates has begun. But why are people having so few children these days? And what are the consequences ? Come on a journey of discovery across 24 countries to find the reason and also the future consequences for young and old alike.
The movie gives the impression that world population is declining. But in fact it increases by 80 million per year, and that will continue for decades.

80 million is a lot of people. That is about the size of Germany, Iran, or Turkey.

Some countries are overpopulating faster than others. There are not any countries that need more people.

Some of the scenes appear to be straight out of the IDIOCRACY Opening Scene (2006), except that it fails to explain about the people who are breeding.

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