Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Dilbert Comic Strip is Dead

I mentioned that the Dilbert cartoonist is being canceled for remarks about being okay to be White. Now the cancelation is more severe.
As individual newspapers told readers they were dropping “Dilbert,” the company that distributed the strip, Andrews McMeel Universal, said it was severing ties with Adams. By Monday, “Dilbert” was gone from the GoComics site, which also features many top comics such as “Peanuts” and “Calvin and Hobbes.”

Adams said Monday that the strip, which first appeared in 1989, would be available only on his subscription service on the Locals platform.

“Dilbert” is effectively dead, Peterson said. ...

On Twitter, he said his book publisher and book agent had “canceled” him.

His main point was that is a poll is accurate that most Blacks do not accept that it is okay to be White, then they must hate Whites, and Whites would be wise to disassociate with those who hate them.

I saw a bunch of articles calling Adams racist, and agreeing with canceling him. But none of them addressed whether Blacks really hate Whites, or whether Whites are wise to separate from the haters. The most outrageous part of the Adams rant was the conclusion:

Where … wherever you have to go, just get away, ’cos there’s no fixing this. This can’t be fixed. Right? You just have to escape.
For the most part, Mexicans, Chinese, Indians, Jews, and other ethnic groups do not hate Whites. A lot of Blacks do not either. But some do, and Adams' concern is that enough of them do that race relations cannot be fixed.

When Barack Obama was elected President in 2008, there was a lot of enthusiam that race relations had been fixed. Hardly any living Blacks could say that they had been mistreated on racial grounds, and a Black had achieved the highest office and respect.

No more. Race relations are worse now than in many decades. Everyday I see news like this:

President Joe Biden’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) nominee Gigi Sohn called for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to “elevate our country” in a 2020 video reviewed by the Daily Caller.

In June 2020, during the George Floyd riots, Sohn appeared on the podcast “Elevate Maryland,” during which host Tom Coale asked her to name one thing America needs. In response, Sohn called for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission modeled on the commission that South Africa’s post-apartheid government set up in 1996 to hear testimony from victims and perpetrators of civil rights abuses. ...

“But again, we’ve lost the meaning of truth, we’ve lost what is true in this country about everything. I mean, the fact that there were still people and significant numbers of people that won’t wear a goddamn mask, you know, in a public place, it’s just — it’s unbelievable to me,” Sohn continued before turning her attention to then-President Donald Trump.

No, I do not want to turn the USA into South Africa, or even listen to someone who idea of truth is forcing people to wear a mask.

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Anonymous said...

I think BLM should change their moniker to Racists Against Racism. It much more clearly describes their conflicted core values.

Oh, The irony, it burns, it burns.