Thursday, March 02, 2023

Neuroticism can Explain a Lot of Political Differences

Tyler Cowen cites some social science research and concludes:
I would go as far to say that you cannot understand the American public intellectual sphere without a grasp of the close connection between Left thinking and high neuroticism.
I think he is on to something here. Neuroticism is a real thing that maybe half the population suffers from to various degrees. Those who are not neurotic have a hard time relating to those who are.

Leftists and women tend to be high in neuroticism, and this is why they often have strange complaints that others do not understand. For example, I just posted about medical school staff being traumatized by trivialities. I think that they are faking or exaggerating for political effect. But what if they are really so neurotic as to be upset by such trivialities?

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