Sunday, March 12, 2023

Feminization of the American University

Heather Mac Donald writes:
Seventy-five percent of Ivy League presidents are now female. Nearly half of the 20 universities ranked highest by Forbes will have a female president this fall, including MIT, Harvard, and Columbia. Of course, feminist bean-counters in the media and advocacy world are not impressed, noting that “only” 5 percent of the 130 top U.S. research universities are headed by a black female and “only” 22 percent of those federal grant-magnets have a non-intersectional (i.e., white) female head.

These female leaders emerge from an ever more female campus bureaucracy, whose size is reaching parity with the faculty. Females made up 66 percent of college administrators in 2021; those administrators constitute an essential force in campus diversity ideology, whether they have “diversity” in their job titles or not. Among the official diversity bureaucrats installed in their posts since July 2022, females predominate: the vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion at t

Christopher F. Rufo explains why this is bad.

The politically correct reactions to news like this are to say either sex does not matter, or that it is a good thing because women will bring a different perspective. If you say the latter, then you are admitting that it is changing the colleges, and such changes are never entirely for the better.


CFT said...

I am not entirely comfortable with suggesting this, but what would happen if they did a simple little experiment to lay the question to rest.

Here's the experiment.
Two colleges would be used as the test bed. The first college could be based on any DEI or gynocentric standards their little hearts desired, they could have as many safe spaces, racially segregated classes and lounges, emotional wellness centers, and any grading standard or lack thereof that completely ignored any performance.

In the second college, only men could attend. Of the men attending, they could be of any race that is actually biologically male. All attendees regardless of race/creed/etc would all be treated and graded exactly the same. No admissions or grading would be based on 'because racism and the dog ate my homework' arguments. This college would also be required to have stringent academic standards that actually measured something definable, like colleges commonly used to. The second college could only also have administration that was male, and preferably no more than twenty percent the size of the faculty.

At the end of one year, two years, and graduation, students from both colleges would take the same test based on same material, and then be required to perform problem solving involving the subject material as might be found in any of the disciplines taught.

The results would then be compared between the two colleges and actual informed decisions could be made throughout academia about current teaching methods vs. old terrible double plus un-good meanie standards.

An amusing follow up experiment would be to follow fifty of the graduates from both colleges for a few years as they made their way through the work force.

Roger said...

The colleges may have quietly done tests to see how well their affirmative action policies are working. They are not telling us the results.