Thursday, March 09, 2023

How Ukraine Must Please the West

If the Ukraine War leads to World War III, the history books will have to describe how it all happened.

RT reports:

Ukraine considers LGBTQ breakthrough

Legalizing same-sex unions for soldiers would also please Kiev’s “Western allies”

Ukraine’s former deputy culture minister has proposed legalizing same-sex civil partnerships, arguing it would both reward the service of LGBTQ soldiers and please Kiev’s foreign backers. Inna Sovsun of the Golos party announced on Tuesday that she has submitted the bill to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration.

“Legalization of single-sex relationships is very important to me now, because if I come home [dead], my partner can’t even bury me,” was one of the arguments from the Ukrainian LGBT Soldiers and Allies’ Facebook community that Sovsun quoted in announcing her bill.

The bill is a product of nine months of work, involving two NGOs. It would establish legal grounds for people in same-sex relationships to regulate property ownership, inheritance, pensions and death benefits, Sovsun argued.

“I could say that this is what our Western allies are demanding of us – and it is true, they are,” but 56% of Ukrainians agree that LGBTQ people should be entitled to civil partnerships, she wrote. “As a society, we have matured beyond the ‘Russian swamp’ and Soviet worldview.”

Because Ukraine values “human dignity and freedom,” Ukrainians are “simply a different biological species” than Russians, she concluded.

This could be Russian propaganda, but even if it is, it helps explain what the war is about.

The London Economist complains that American support for the war is declining:

THE FACT that Ukraine is still fighting is mostly thanks to America. No other country has provided more help to combat Russia’s advance: it is responsible for more than half of all recorded military and financial aid. Joe Biden, America’s president, has promised to stand with Ukraine for “as long as it takes”. Whether Mr Biden can continue to send so much depends in part on how well such funding is viewed at home. Polling data from The Economist and YouGov, a pollster, suggest that a partisan gap is widening, and even Democrats are showing slightly less support for certain types of aid than they did last year (see chart).
Republicans might nominate an anti-war candidate for President next year. More and more Americans are asking why we are siding with Ukraine. It appears to me that America would be better served by good relations with Russia.

Here we have an explanation. Siding with Ukraine has allowed us to force LGBTQ values on them. To many, that is what this war is about.

The NY Times is now reporting that, according to confidential US intelligence sources, the Nord Stream bombing was the work of Ukraine mercenaries. They deny direct endorsement by either Ukraine or the USA.

The bombing was the biggest terrorist act of the 21st century, in terms of direct economic effects, with the 911 hijackings and crashes in second place. Our officials are remarkably uncurious about who did it.

The story is just what we would expect, if the USA did it. Attempts to blame the bombing on Russia have failed. There is now a plausible and detailed story in print about how the USA and Norway did it. Biden gave an interview where is said he would do it. Unless the USA puts out an alternative, everyone will assume the USA did it.

There is no explanation how Ukrainian mercenaries could have done it. Does it have a ship in the Baltic Sea? Does it have the technology for a remote-controlled large undersea explosion? I doubt it.

Those history books may someday say World War III was caused by (1) aggressive NATO expansion into Ukraine and other nearby countries; USA-aligned sabotage of undersea gas pipelines; and (3) forced conversion of Ukraine to the LGBTQ cause.

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