Thursday, September 02, 2021

The Secret of the Framers' Success

A Russian-American Libertarian-leaning UCLA law professor writes about the framers of the USA Constitution:
The Secret of the Framers' Success

There were many things that contributed — ample land, a wide ocean, and more. But so much, I think, comes from this one foundation:

They were fortunate enough to have been born Englishmen.

A comment:
You must have tenure, to be able to say something like that.
American government was uniquely suited to Americans of mostly English Christian origin.

For 20 years we have tried to impose a constitution on Afghanistan, and it did not work. The American system of government has not worked anywhere else. It is not even working here anymore, now that immigration has made Whites a minority. I doubt that it could work in England.

It is hard to say just what the essential characteristics of those American framers were. It included intelligence, personality, individualism, faith, beliefs, language, etc. It is also hard to say whether those characteristics are genetic or cultural.

If they were just cultural, then you would expect them to be shared by assimilated immigrants. But that does not appear to be happening. Only the most similar ethnic groups, like Irish and Germans, have truly assimilated.

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