Sunday, September 19, 2021

Human are Still Evolving

Not long ago, Stephen Jay Gould and the other evolution popularizers were fond of saying that humans had not evolved in 50,000 years. We were all the same as our African ancestors.

A famous and accomplished 19th century biologist is being canceled because he believed that human races diverged evolutionarily:

[From the report on the WWU President’s website]: Even though Thomas Huxley made significant contributions in the field of biology, he also had significant contributions to scientific racism. He was a polygenist: someone who is of the belief that all races evolved from different origins instead of coming from one homosapien. [sic] This is not only scientifically disproven, but also a racist mindset, and an argument that one of his “archrivals” at the time called Richard Owen attempted to refute with evidence that we all are the same species that evolved from the same homosapien [sic] thousands of years ago. Huxley won the argument, and it is historian Nicolaas Rupke’s thesis that this argument between Huxley and Owen in which Huxley’s “deeply racist, polygenist viewpoint” won lead to building the scientific racism of the early 20th century.

[Evolutionist professor's response]: It’s not true that Huxley was a “polygenist”; like Darwin, he correctly believed in a single evolutionary origin of humans: both were monogenists.) Huxley believed, correctly, that different ethnic groups (then called “races”) evolved in geographic isolation from one another following migration to new places. But, like Darwin, Huxley also thought that whites were on the top of the racial hierarchy.

So you cannot say that humans are still evolving, because that geographically isolated groups could be genetically somewhat differenct from the rest of the population.

Research from last year indicates that Europeans evolved the ability for adults to digest milk in only the last 3,000 years.

Other research suggests that some Eurasians had dairy farms in the Early Bronze Age.

Other research says that the poorer British are evolving towards worse health:

Studying natural selection can help us understand the genetic architecture of health outcomes: we find evidence in modern day Great Britain for multiple natural selection pressures that vary between subgroups in the direction and strength of their effects, that are strongly related to the socio-economic system, and that may contribute to health inequalities across income groups.
Evolution of lactase is easy to measure. Evolution of intelligence is not so easy. It is very likely that genes for human behavior are also evolving, and they are more difficult to measure.

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