Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Public Schools Conspire to Deceive Parents

Abigail Shrier writes about how evils schools can be:
Never encourage a child to keep a secret from her parents. That’s what we used to say, in decades past, when we believed a sacred boundary encircled every American home.

Last week, I spoke with another mother who discovered her 12-year-old daughter’s middle school had changed the girl’s name and gender identity at school. The “Gender Support Plan” the district followed is an increasingly standard document which informs teachers of a child’s new chosen name and gender identity (“trans,” “agender,” “non-binary,” etc.) for all internal communications with the child. The school also provided the girl a year’s worth of counseling in support of her new identity, which in her case was “no gender.” Even the P.E. teachers were in on it. Left in the dark were her parents.

This duplicity is part of the “plan”: All documents sent home to mom and dad scrupulously maintained the daughter’s birth name and sex.

This is about like the school saying:
We gang-raped your daughter in the school gym as part of a Satanic ritual. We did not tell the parents because they are Christians and might disapprove.
They do not tell the parents because they are ashamed, and know that it is evil.

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