Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Fathers have Few Rights

From a New Yorker story:
And fathers — his hand swung again — have few rights. In this country, children belong to their mothers. So, as for raising children, there’s little that fathers can do. When married to his ex-wife, he said, he’d worked a hundred and twenty hours a week, and his ex-wife, a homemaker with two live-in servants, taught the boys to be rude and slothlike. Now he paid millions annually and attended court regularly just to see the boys four days a month, and that brief access did not provide a platform for lessons in manners. In addition, he couldn’t sway his kids’ minds about much, because their mother told them daily that their father was a selfish miser and a godforsaken liar, alcoholic, and adulterer.
This is probably fiction, but plausible as it happens all the time, and is not even newsworthy.

Women complain that the USA is misogynist because they have trouble getting an abortion in Texas. But look at how fathers are treated.

There are examples of women and mothers being mistreated by the family court. I have seen a couple of particularly outrageous examples. But I have seen a lot more examples of fathers getting mistreated.

` Here is a ProPublica essay arguing that moms should be able to collect welfare without naming the dad:

This was another common fear articulated by mothers who were asked to name fathers to get aid: that an absent dad forced to pay support would spitefully seek custody or greater involvement in medical and educational decisions about the child.
If the mom cannot take care of the child, and has to go on welfare, then child custody should probably go to the dad. The moms are the irresponsible and spiteful ones, as they areeeI hav depriving their kids of a dad.

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