Monday, September 06, 2021

Prosecutors get soft on Black Crime

Michigan news:
Another area she said she hopes to tackle is felony firearms, which is a charge that can be filed if someone has a gun on them while committing a felony, regardless of whether they use it or if it is legally owned. If convicted, it carries a mandatory two-year prison sentence.

In 2018 in Ingham County, 80 percent of the 269 people serving a sentence for felony firearms were Black, according to a 2020 Safe and Just Michigan study. In the 10 counties statewide that used this charge most frequently, which includes Ingham, 86 percent of those serving a sentence for felony firearms were Black.

Charging people with a felony firearms offense was supposed to dissuade people from carrying guns, but "all it did was disproportionately impact Black people," Siemon said.

Yes, because Blacks disproportionately commit felonies with guns.

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