Thursday, July 08, 2021

The New Red Pill on Netflix

There is a saying:
If you want to make a woman miserable, then give her everything she wants.
I am reminded of this by the hottest new Neflix series, Sex/Life. The show is essentially female porn, as it is made by women and centers on female sexual fantasies.

The main character is a woman who was a slut in her 20s, and then finds and marries the perfect man. He is handsome, successful, rich, respected, and extremely good to her in every possible way. They have two wonderful small kids, and live in a huge suburban house in a very nice area.

So what's the problem? She keeps wanting to add a little extra excitement to her life by having an affair with one of her ex lovers. And since this show is a female fantasy, her husband responds by making a huge extra effort to please her.

In short, the show is about unchecked female hypergamy.

I realize that this is just porno fiction, and is not to be taken too seriously. But it taps into an aspect of female nature that is not commonly acknowledged. This show is only popular because people see some truth in it.

I haven't seen any reviews of the show yet. My guess is that the feminized reviewers will say that the husband should have learned to communicate with his wife better, or some such nonsense. No, the problem is that the wife is an alpha widow. She had one hot affair once, and now she can never be happy with a man again.

This kind of show can be eye-opening for men, because most men do not even realize that women think this way. Men do not think this way.

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Anonymous said...

Men & women think completely differently in many aspects of life; especially about relationships, commitment & marriage.