Friday, July 16, 2021

Taliban might Save American Lives

The USA is finally pulling out of Afghanistan. The Taliban is likely to win control over much of the country.

Bad as the Taliban is, they did ban opium production. Under US occupation, Afghanistan returned to being the world leader in opium. The Taliban regaining power could save thousands of American lives from heroin overdoses.

Not everyone is happy about it:

Ex-President George W. Bush has denounced the withdrawal of Western troops from Afghanistan, but his chief concern apparently isn’t the American, allied and civilian casualties suffered in two decades of fruitless fighting.

Instead, Bush said in an interview released on Wednesday by Germany’s DW media outlet that he fears the “unspeakable harm” that Afghan women and girls may suffer as the Taliban retakes control over large swaths of the country. He also worries over the interpreters who assisted US forces.

Afghanistan may be the last nation in the world to be infected with feminism.

I am not sure the war ever made any sense. It was supposed to help us catch Osama bin Laden, but he was caught in Pakistan, not Afghanistan. A lot of effort was spent trying to bring feminism to Afghanistan, but none to bring Christianity.

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