Sunday, July 25, 2021

Jews get Olympics Comedian Fired for Obscure Joke

One pecularity of Judaism is that is has one set of rules for Jews, its members, and another for non-Jews. It does not try to convert non-Jews to joining the religion, but it very much tries to dictate what they say and do.

Here is an example:

The Simon Wiesenthal Center condemns past anti-Semitic jokes made by Japanese comedian Kentaro Kobayashi, who is the show director of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.

According to Japanese media reports, Kobayashi utilized the mass murder of six million Jews by the Nazis in a script for his comedy act in 1998. In his act, he made malicious and anti-Semitic jokes including “Let’s play Holocaust.”

“Any person, no matter how creative, does not have the right to mock the victims of the Nazi genocide. The Nazi regime also gassed Germans with disabilities. Any association of this person to the Tokyo Olympics would insult the memory of six million Jews and make a cruel mockery of the Paralympics,” stated SWC Associate Dean and Global Social Action Director, Rabbi Abraham Cooper. ...

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is an international Jewish human rights organization numbering over 400.000 members. It holds consultative status at the United Nations, UNESCO, the OSCE, the Council of Europe, the OAS and the Latin American Parliament (PARLATINO)

Kobayashi is a Japanese comedian. He did not mock Nazi victims, as far as I can tell. His 1998 comedy routine was in Japanese to Japanese, so it is hard to tell. No one can explain what was offensive or malicious about what he said.

This is really sick. What is this Center, the joke police? They got this guy fired on the other side of the world from a job that had nothing to do with the Jews. It was 23 years ago. Are there any Jews who even understand spoken Japanese and the context for this joke?

Japan was allied with the Nazis during World War II. Maybe this is how Jews carry out their bigoted grudges.

The last paragraph is also offensive. It says, in essence, "We represent 400k Jews, and speak with the authority of the UN and other international bodies. So everyone in the world must do what we Jews say."

Jews are the most privileged group on Earth. None were offended by this 1998 Japanese joke. It seems obvious that Jews just do this to demonstrate their power and control over everyone.

No other religion behaves this way. I am not even sure that it is correct to call these views religious, but one ethnic group has become the joke police for the world, and they do it to enforce their religious beliefs.

I may get comments saying that I am anti-semitic for posting this opinion. But I am not the one vindictively trying to get some innocent man fired on the other side of the world. I am just pointing out Jewish thinking at work. Or I may get a comment saying the Pope persecuted someone like this a millennium ago. If so, I never heard about it.

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