Friday, July 30, 2021

91yo Priest Charged for 47yo Incident

The NY Post reports:
Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick — the former archbishop of Washington, DC, ... has been charged with molesting a teenage boy in Massachusetts in the 1970s.

The charges filed Wednesday make McCarrick, 91, the highest-ranking Roman Catholic official in the US to face criminal raps in the clergy sex abuse scandal, according to the Boston Globe.

The predatory priest is accused of groping a 16-year-old boy’s genitals on June 8, 1974, during the wedding reception of the teen’s brother at Wellesley College.

So a 91-year-old man is anonymously accused of some inappropriate touching 47 years ago.

Apparently they both were standing up with the clothes on the whole time. He can only be charged because of a technicality:

Yet McCarrick can be charged with the alleged assaults in Wellesley because he was not a Massachusetts resident and the statute of limitations stopped running when he left the state.
Note the story's bias, "The predatory priest is accused". No, he is only accused of being a predatory priest. He has never been convicted of anything.

This whole thing is fishy. He has no chance of getting a fair trial. No one will ever know what really happened. It is extremely unlikely that the anonymous accuser even remembers what happens. Human memory does not work well enough for that.

There are good reasons for statutes of limitations. No one should have to face charges like this.

I looked at the Wikipedia article on Catholic Church sexual abuse cases to see how many American priests had been convicted of a crime, and the section is blank! Very few, I guess.

So what is going on here?

My theory is that the gay lobby hates the Catholic Church, because it still considers homosexual acts to be sins, it discipline Church officials who get caught with homosexual behavior, and it refuses to do same-sex marriages. So the gays make a lot of these unprovable accusations, as a way of discrediting the Church.

The gays have similarly tried to destroy the Boy Scouts, because of its anti-homosexuality policy.

Soon all institutions will be promoting homosexuality, or be destroyed by bogus accusations.

Don't get me wrong. I am all in favor of prosecuting child molesters. If McCarrick is really a predatory priest committing crimes, then throw him in prison. But after a ten year investigation, all we have is an anonymous gripe about some inappropriate touching of a fully-clothed 16-year-old boy 47 years ago. Surely there would be more evidence, if he were really a predator.

There is something very disturbing about these accusers. I am not sure if it is mental illness, or vindictiveness, or sociopathy, or what. I see Simone Biles is blaming her Olympic failures on Larry Nassar. Here is a gripe that he got a federal stimulus check:

"The notion that anybody in the Justice Department would let this happen is just revolting," John Manly, a lawyer who is representing some of Nassar’s alleged victims, including Biles, told The Washington Post.

"The timing of this, with my client being unable to compete because of what happened to her, couldn’t be more upsetting... they’re allowing the worst child predator in American history to spend thousands of dollars on himself and pay $8 a month to his victims," he added. "Something is completely broken and needs to be fixed." ...

Deposits that have gone into Nassar’s prison account have included a total of $2,000 from two federal stimulus checks in January and March.

Biles got medical care from Nassar that helped her become a champion, she was never harmed by him, and she helped send him to prison for the rest of his life. And now her lawyer says it is upsetting that he got a stimulus check? This is sick. If anything, Biles was damaged by lawyers convincing her that she is some sort of victim.

It is amazing how many people are saying that they support Biles' decision to drop out. It is almost as if they all hate her, and were glad to get rid of her. Okay, I support her decision too. If she retires from the sport, I support that.

Update: I did not realize that Simone Biles has a brother who was on trial for murder. He was released after one mistrial, and the witnesses not showing to testify for the second trial. Surely that was more upsetting that Larry Nassar.

The above McCarrick is not being named because of a stereotype that groping victims are permanently emotionally damaged. I do not think that is true, but people are starting to speculate that Biles was permanently emotionally damaged by Nassar. I doubt it, as she had no complaints about Nassar, and only came to the realization that she could claim victimhood status after Nassar was prosecuted.

Update: I also didn't know that Biles was hooked on Ritalin, a banned drug in athletic competition, and had received a secret exemption to treat her mental problems. But Japan appears to have banned her usage. Wow, the rabbit hole goes deeper. That could explain her not being able to think clearly at the Olympics.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know about the Ritalin addiction but it is criminal that so many young people are prescribed an addictive drug for ADH ADHD. Both are dubious medical diagnosis.

Roger said...

Yes, and in the case of Biles, she may have been using a phony prescription to evade the rules against performance enhancing drugs.

Anonymous said...

When you're molested, clothes on or not, one year or fifty years ago you NEVER forget. Sick people, mostly MEN think having sex with kids is okay, as long as they get off.