Saturday, August 06, 2016

Wanting a symbol of White Christian hatred

A Yahoo Sports (((reporter))) writes:
The selection of Michael Phelps, as decided by athlete vote, is certainly a good one. He is the greatest Olympian of all time, ...

But the choice of flag bearer is an opportunity to say, “This is who we are.” Everyone around the world knows Phelps is who we are. But not everyone knows the stories of some of the other candidates, and why they are so meaningful. Not everyone knows the story of Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Muhammad, raised by a police officer and a teacher, is a fencer who went to Duke, where she got degrees in African and African-American Studies and International Relations. She is also a devout Muslim. She will become the first American Olympian woman to compete in a hijab.
No, this is not "who we are". We are not a Mohammedan country that makes women wear hijabs.

Today, a degree in African or African-American studies is a degree in hating white ppl. To most ppl around the world, Islam stands for killing infidels more than anything else.

The author is obviously a Christian hater. He probably hates Moslems also, and would never live in a Moslem country or have anything to do with Moslems. But if promoting a Moslem helps his anti-Christian agenda, that is more important.

It would make more sense to honor someone from the Klu Klux Klan.

You are going to say that I should not treat Miss Muhammad with the hijab as a terrorist, because she may not believe in terrorism. Surveys show that a majority of American Moslems say that they do not believe in terrorism. Yes, I know that. But this Yahoo author wants to pick her as a symbol.

What does she symbolize besides terrorism and killing infidels? The author wants her to symbolize an American trend toward hating white ppl, hating Christians, and importing millions of ppl with anti-American values.

Phelps is a fine choice, but he is not the greatest Olympian. His famous performance of 8 gold medals was nearly identical to what Mark Spitz did. Phelps got one more medal, but it was in a new event that Spitz probably would have also won if he had a chance. The main difference is that Spitz was banned for doing endorsements, and Phelps was not.

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Anonymous said...

I do not think swimmers are good choices for greatest Olympians because all the different swimming competitions are essentially a variation on one event. For me, the Decathlon is where to find the greatest Olympians. It is incredibly difficult to craft the human body to be competent at the different events in the Decathlon and end up winning.