Monday, August 22, 2016

Blaming Trump for Olympic results

Sometimes I think that the Trump haters are just morons.

Consider this:
The games can be read as something of a physical rejoinder to Trump. “The performance of immigrants and children of immigrants in the Olympics really contradicts Trump in two ways,” Roger Pielke, Jr., a University of Colorado political scientist with an upcoming book on sports, told me in an email. “One is that America is already great (look at the medal count!) and the second is that immigration is a big factor in what makes America great in sports (and business, and culture).” ...

“The success of these athletes should be read as a stinging rebuke of the sophomoric stereotypes and dime-store xenophobia that all too often clog up political discourse around immigration,” Jules Boykoff, a Pacific University professor who explores the intersection of sports and politics, told me an email. “Given the choice between knee-jerk Trumpism and the elegant excellence of these athletes,” he added, “I side with the athletes every time.”
So what are they saying? That the USA should import all the best athletes so we can win more medals? Or that we do not need more athletes because of our already great medal count?

Of all the arguments for increasing immigration, increasing Olympic medals is surely one of the worst. We could make Jamaica our 51st state, and get more sprinting medals, but why would that be a good thing? Who would be better off?

In case you are going to say that Trump hates all immigrants, do you even realize that his wife is an immigrant?
Here is another silly attack:
Trump landed in the top 20 percent across the board on psychopathy traits, with a total score that placed him between Idi Amin and Adolf Hitler.

To read more of Kevin Dutton’s analysis and to see how all 42 Presidents preceding Barack Obama scored in psychopathy, see the Sept/Oct issue of Scientific American Mind, available on newsstands and on Scientific
This is just politics masquerading as science.

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