Monday, August 15, 2016

Stop the American melting pot, a Jewish mag using the slogan "News that Matters to American Jews", writes:
There’s a piece of the “alt-right” puzzle of bigotry you need to know more about: “human biodiversity.” ...

These writers are, for the most part, long on “evidence” and short on policy: ... However, at least in the blogs and forums I examined, there was little discussion of what to do with the data of “human biodiversity.”
That sums up a huge difference between the alt-right and the Jewish left on this issue. The alt-right focuses on the facts, and figures that reasonable ppl will come to reasonable conclusions, once the facts are established.

The Left is long on policy and short on evidence. They push their policy objectives, without regard to the evidence.

The article credits Steve Sailer for the term, but he credits an anthropology book.

Forward just objects to the alt-right discussing race. Its own site is filled with all sorts of opinions about race, mostly promoting Jewish racial theories.

Funny that she objects to the word "diversity". Today's white-hating college professors insist on it:
Students enrolled in Art Appreciation at the University of Florida risk losing credit on assignments if they use the phrase “melting pot” in class.

Professor Pamela Brekka told Campus Reform that she has reprimanded students for using the term in the past, and even withheld credit from those who used the phrase on assignments, because in her opinion, “melting pot” is a term that “signals a Euro-White Colonial standard, point blank, period.”

The course itself, entitled Art Appreciation: American Diversity and Global Arts, fulfills UF’s general education requirements for both the “Diversity” category, which requires three credits for graduation, and the “Humanities” category, which requires nine credits.
Right-wing professors do not dictate use of terminology like this.

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