Sunday, August 28, 2016

Main challenge to our way of life

The NY Times complains about Russia, and its English language tv, RT:
The claims were alarming: If Sweden, a non-NATO member, signed the deal, the alliance would stockpile secret nuclear weapons on Swedish soil; NATO could attack Russia from Sweden without government approval; NATO soldiers, immune from prosecution, could rape Swedish women without fear of criminal charges.

They were all false, but the disinformation had begun spilling into the traditional news media, ...

numerous analysts and experts in American and European intelligence ... noting that preventing NATO expansion is a centerpiece of the foreign policy of President Vladimir V. Putin, who invaded Georgia in 2008 largely to forestall that possibility. ...

RT, she said, wants to provide “a perspective otherwise missing from the mainstream media echo chamber.”

Moscow’s targeting of the West with disinformation dates to a Cold War program the Soviets called “active measures.”
So reckless NATO expansionism really did cause the Asian country of Georgia to get invaded? Do Americans know that?

It appears to me that RT really does provide a missing perspective.

A leftist NY professor writes an LA Times op-ed:
The main challenge to our way of life today now comes not from the radical left, but the Alt-Right. ...

The Alt-Right supports the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants and protectionist trade policies. It opposes feminism, diversity, gay rights, globalism, gun control and civil rights. ...

Alt-Right leaders, unlike Neo-Nazis or KKK supporters, are intellectually and rhetorically sophisticated. ...

“Do you really believe that a future Afro-Hispanic-Caribbean-Asiatic America will be anything like the America your ancestors built?” White nationalism is more important than inalienable rights because “Even when they violate your principles, white people build good societies. Even when they abide by your principles, non-whites usually don’t.” ...

The Alt-Right is the first explicitly anti-American political movement to attach itself to a major-party presidential candidate since 1948, when Communists supported the Progressive, former Vice President Henry Wallace. All schools of American political thought — and especially mainstream conservatives — must reject this dangerous ideology.
I think he means that it is dangerous because it threatens to expose the lies being told by our elite leaders.

Communism killed millions of ppl, and oppressed its own citizens. Who has ever been hurt by the Alt-Right?

I wonder what he means by "our way of life". He does not dispute that white people build good societies, and non-whites usually don’t. He does not say whether he identifies as white, but he presumably draws a big salary from the govt college in order to teach impressionable students lies about whites are the cause of all evil.

The Alt-Right certainly does threaten to expose his lies.

A study finds:
‘If you try to control people’s thoughts and behavior, they rebel’

According to a recent study published in the Harvard Business Review, mandatory diversity training programs in corporations not only fail to achieve their goals, they also have a negative impact on the hiring of females and underrepresented racial and ethnic groups.
Makes sense to me. The more ppl learn about diversity, the more they hate it.

Vox Popoli writes:
"Judeo-Christian" is another false construct, not even as old as "the melting pot" or "a nation of immigrants". From Wikipedia: ...

Anyone who is using the term "Judeo-Christian" is referencing, consciously or not, left-wing anti-Christian agitprop. There are no historical "Judeo-Christian" values; to the extent there is overlap they are Christian values.

Note that "Judeo-Christian" in its post-1940s revisionist usage is a part of the same program as the 1965 Hart-Celler Act. It was adopted specifically to redefine America and destroy the historical fact of America having been founded as a de facto Christian nation.
Maybe I should stop using those terms.

Christians do commonly study the Old Testament, aka Jewish Bible. So I thought that Judeo-Christian was just a non-politcal term for ppl following the Bible.

But according to this and Wikipedia, it is political, like melting pot and nation of immigrants.

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