Friday, August 19, 2016

Tolerant Moslem is heretical

A public radio program had a long interview with a Moslem attacking Trump:
Donald Trump said this week he was ready to get vicious in the war with what he called radical Islam. ...

Qasim Rashid rejects the label “moderate Muslim.” ...

Rashid is also North America spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. ...

Rashid acknowledges other schools of Islam are less tolerant, but says that highlights “the need to work together. Rather than fighting fire with more fire, water is what puts out fire, not more fire."

The Ahmadiyyas are seen as a heretical sect by mainstream branches of Islam.
Rashid denies that there is any such thing as extreme or radical Islam, and says that the real dangerous extremists are the white ppl.

And this is supposed to be an example of a tolerant Moslem, and a reason to vote against Trump!

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