Monday, April 29, 2024

England to be Dependent on African Immigrants

The London Independent reports:
Falling birth rates in the UK will leave the country reliant on immigration for the next 80 years, new research has suggested.

By 2100, Britain along with 198 countries will have fertility rates below what is necessary to sustain population size over time, according to a study published in The Lancet.

The analysis in the Global Burden of Disease, Injuries, and Risk Factors study predicts that sub-Saharan Africa will account for one in every two children born on the planet by the end of the century.

Meanwhile in Western Europe, the total fertility rate – the average number of children born to women of childbearing age – is predicted to be 1.44 in 2050, dropping to 1.37 in 2100.

In the UK, the total fertility rate was 2.19 in 1950, dropping to 1.85 in 1980 and then 1.49 in 2021. That is well below the rate of 2.1 needed to maintain a steady population without significant immigration.

If that is not clear enough, the article goes on to recite some contradictory propaganda.
“And once nearly every country’s population is shrinking, reliance on open immigration will become necessary to sustain economic growth.
No, if all countries were shrinking, immigration would not help at all. Instead, some countries are expanding, while others are shrinking. Overall, the Earth's population is increasing by 80 million per year.
“Sub-Saharan African countries have a vital resource that ageing societies are losing – a youthful population.”
No, if people thought that babies were a vital resource, then they would have more babies.
She added: “There is very real concern that, in the face of declining populations and no clear solutions, some countries might justify more draconian measures that limit reproductive rights.
No, draconian measures would be to expand reproduction, not limit it. Or maybe it means some countries will force women to have babies. Not sure how that would work.
“It is well established that nations with strong women’s rights are more likely to have better health outcomes and faster economic growth.
GDP counts women in the paid labor force, but not moms taking care of babies. So persuading women to not have babies will increase GDP, but that is just an artifact of how it is calculated.

The US Govt regularly brags about increasing GDP, but it does not keep pace with population increases, so there is no gain in per capita GDP.

“It is imperative women’s rights are promoted and protected and that women are supported in having the number of children they wish and pursuing their careers.”
If increasing the birth rate is really so important, then we would not leave it to the whims and wishes of individual women.

So here is the plan for the 21st century. Use feminism to convince Western women that they have a right to be wage slaves, instead of having babies. Enjoy increased GDP. Import sub-saharan Africans to replace the babies they would have had.

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