Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Democrats depend on Crazy Single Women

Jennifer Galardi writes:
Last month, conservative news host Jesse Kelly told Megyn Kelly on her podcast that “the mentally ill single woman is the beating heart of the Democrat Party.”

He proclaimed over 70 percent of single women vote Democrat. Furthermore, he declared that “studies” show approximately 60 percent of those women had been diagnosed with some sort of mental illness.

Kelly (the man) joked that everyone knows a woman with “her eyes half bugged out of her skull. … She ruins Thanksgiving every time bragging about her 15th abortion!” While Kelly’s exaggerations made me laugh, I simultaneously thought to myself, Oh crap. He’s talking about me. Or at least who I used to be.

Married women and mentally stable women support Trump.

She got some pushback, and followed up:

As much as they whine about “gender” being a social construct, women have inherently feminine traits that predispose them to liberal or progressive values....

The left weaponizes women’s tendency to be more caring and nurturing. They play on emotions all women likely have felt at some point in their lives — the feeling of being taken advantage of, dispossessed, or patronized. Women who have not yet disposed of the victim narrative will continue to empathize with it and stand with their “brothers and sisters.”

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CFT said...

I would posit that the Democrat way of thinking/reacting creates crazy single women, it seems it's designed to do so by creating multiple chronic dependencies and then catering to them. If a women actually found some satisfaction in her own personal life (read: not career, that's just a job) she would be far less inclined to try micromanage and run other people's lives into the ground.

It's easy to spot a democrat trying to solve a problem, they think the government should take care of it for them with someone else's money and then pat themselves on the back for their clever solution.

"The most terrifying words in the english language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help." - Ronald Reagan