Sunday, April 21, 2024

Cut Funding for Public TV and Radio

Here is NPR’s CEO Katherine Maher on the truth.

There has been a lot of press on this, but isn't it obvious? Their editorial board has 87 Democrats and 0 Republicans. In the last year, it has run about 2000 pro-Biden stories, and 0 pro-Trump stories. An NPR listener would have no idea why anyone ever voted for Trump.

PBS TV is just as bad. If Republicans were really ruling as Republicans, they would cut off govt funding for PBS TV and NPR Radio. They never have a balanced treatment of anything.

The current NPR CEO is the symptom, not the cause. Ask yourself: how does such a wacky woman get such a big job?

The Hill reported a year ago:

It was tendentious — and inaccurate — for Elon Musk to identify NPR on his Twitter platform as a “government-affiliated” news organization. NPR may have its biases, notably in its story selection, but to class it in the same category as the New China News Agency or, in their day, Pravda or Tass, is both argumentative and absurd. ...

NPR may receive little direct federal funding, but a good deal of its budget comprises federal funds that flow to it indirectly by federal law. Here’s how it works: Under the terms of the 1967 Public Broadcasting Act, funds are allocated annually to a non-governmental agency, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, overseen by a board of presidential appointees.

It is like China News or Pravda. It is anti-Trump and woke, all day, every day.

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