Sunday, April 14, 2024

Keep Moslems off our Courts

The Pakistani-American lawyer Adeel Abdullah Mangi has been nominated to be a judge.

A Slate column argues:

Democrats—the party that has in recent decades identified themselves with equity and social justice—to recommit to fighting Islamophobia. Instead, they’re allowing Islamophobia to sabotage the judicial nomination of a highly qualified candidate: Adeel Mangi, an attorney from New Jersey, who, if confirmed, would become the first-ever Muslim attorney to sit on a federal appeals court. ...

Confirming Mangi would add some sorely needed diversity to our nation’s courts—the federal bench is currently 66 percent white—and a check on biases. A study by the Center for American Progress found that judges belonging to different racial, ethnic, and religious groups use their unique backgrounds and life experiences to shape their rulings, and that it overall has a net positive impact on our judiciary. “Women judges and judges of color have spoken out about gender and racial bias on the courts and led calls for reforms,”

The article makes two arguments: (1) we should replace White Christian men with more Moslems to promote leftist causes; and (2) anyone who disagrees is a bigot.

No, these arguments are contradictory. If it is bigoted to oppose Moslems on the court, then it is also bigoted to promote Moslems on the court.

This is not a matter of picking the most qualified candidates. He was picked for being a Moslem.

Some say it is wrong to judge someone for a condition he was born into. Maybe Mangi is a Moslem because he was born into it, or maybe he free accepted it as an adult. I am not sure which is worse.

Regardless, Islam is incompatible with Americanism. Appellate judges have a lot of power. and we do not need Moslems.

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