Friday, June 30, 2023

Trying to Watch the Silo TV Show

I tried to watch an episode of the TV show Silo, but it was unbearable. First, the Apple TV logo is onscreen all the time. Second, it is written for those for those with an interracial porn fetish. A Black man has a lot of sex with a White woman.

People in the future live underground, and are afraid to go outside or learn about their past. Somehow they have food, electricity, and computer technology. It makes little sense.

The storyline is that the silo is one of dozens that were built centuries earlier, and covered with poison so that anyone who leaves will die. If they ever figure it out, they can just put on a protective suit and walk to a paradise on the rest of Earth.

The show gets very good reviews. It is based on books that were very successfully self-published.

I don't know if the author intended the weird racial stuff, but he sure is a religion hater:

If it’s true that violence would erupt if we pushed Christianity to the side, then it means we are living among an ISIS-like group of crazy people who only remain calm because we go along with their fantasies. We are in thrall to this minority of hardcore true believers. We are their intellectual captors.
Yes, violence would erupt if Christianity were outlawed, as that would be an extreme deprivation of civil liberties. No, we are not like ISIS.
Monotheistic religions are necessarily violent. They begin with a claim that there is only one god, which leaves little room for other beliefs. Look at the first four Christian commandments:

You shall have no other gods before Me.
You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything.
You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.

Wow, he is mixed up. Those are the first four Jewish commandments, not Christian. I wonder if his silo is some weirdo religious metaphor.
When you look back at the course of human history, it is one of moral progress. Our spheres of empathy keep expanding, wrapping around larger segments of the population, and more recently to non-human members of the population. Animal rights and environmental protections were fringe concerns in my lifetime; now they are mainstream. Looking back, we can see how many white populations of immigrants were considered terrible minorities to other established whites (the Irish, for instance). Our hate keeps narrowing while our love expands, however haltingly this progress seems.

The same subset of people seem to be on the wrong side of history on many issues, all having to do with an inability to expand spheres of empathy.

He says this while expressing hatred for all the billions of theists in the world. No, that is now moral progress. He was born in 1975, so environmental protection was never a fringe concern in his lifetime. The USA EPA was established in 1970.

Netflix also has a lot of interracial sex fetish programming.

I once thought that Netflix's competitive advantage was that it knows its audience better than anyone, and can make custom recommendations. But that is plainly false. I have watched a lot of shows on Netflix, and it continues to recommend garbage in genres that I dislike and do not watch. It is difficult to find shows that I do like.

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CFT said...

To me Silo looks like what would happen if someone decided to write a screen play about the video game Fallout's social engineering bomb shelters...almost like social experiment pressure cookers, imprison people and turn up the stress and see what happens. In the video game you go into many different fall out shelters, each an incredibly unethical social experiment which would have been forbidden by present day law. Most of these experimental projects in the game ended in gruesome death and disaster.