Sunday, June 25, 2023

Gender identity is not real

To be fully tolerant and inclusives, there are an increasing number of eccentricities to accept.

There are same-sex orientations, and opposite sex gender identities. And many more you might not have heard of.

There are otherkin, who identify as non-human. Not to be confused with furries, who have a fursona. There are unusual religions. There are people who claim to have been abducted by space aliens. There are unusual gender identities, such as xenogender.

There is no proof that any of this is real. They are just delusions, or fantasies, or role-playing games. It is hard to tell which.

This nonsense is leaking into the federal courts, and a judge just ruled:

The elephant in the room should be noted at the outset. Gender identity is real. The record makes this clear. The defendants, speaking through their attorney, have admitted it. At least one defense expert also has admitted it. ...

Despite the defense admissions, there are those who believe that cisgender individuals properly adhere to their natal sex and that transgender individuals have inappropriately chosen a contrary gender identity, male or female, just as one might choose whether to read Shakespeare or Grisham. ...

Still, an unspoken suggestion running just below the surface in some of the proceedings that led to adoption of the rule and statute at issue — and just below the surface in the testimony of some of the defense experts and AHCA consultants — is that transgender identity is not real, that it is made up.7 And so, for example, one of the defendants’ experts, Dr. Paul Hruz, joined an amicus brief in another proceeding asserting transgender individuals have only a “false belief” in their gender identity — that they are maintaining a “charade” or “delusion.”8

An AHCA consultant, Dr. Patrick Lappert — a surgeon who has never performed genderaffirming surgery — said in a radio interview that gender-affirming care is a “lie,” a “moral violation,” a “huge evil,” and “diabolical.”9 State employees or consultants suggested treatment of transgender individuals is either a “woke idea” or profiteering by the pharmaceutical industry or doctors.10

Any proponent of the challenged rule and statute should put up or shut up: do you acknowledge that there are individuals with actual gender identities opposite their natal sex, or do you not? Dog whistles ought not be tolerated.

That is his whole argument that gender identity is real. An admission by an expert witness, and mocking a surgeon who has never performed gender-affirming surgery.

Both sides of this lawsuit agree that gender dysphoria is a mental illness. The question is whether the state is obligated by the constitution to pay for bizarre and controversial treatments.

I do not even understand what this judge means by saying that gender dysphoria is real. Is it like saying that schizophrenia is real? If it is real, what is it? Is it any more real than furry personas?

If somebody could really be a woman trapped in a man's body, maybe it would show up on brain scans or psychological tests. Nothing like that has been found.

Gender identity is not real.

Few dare say that, because transgender creeps will try to cancel anyone who does. If it were real, there would be some way to measure it, other than some silly judge bragging about a court witness making an admission against his client's interests.

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CFT said...

Homosexuality is merely being sexually attracted to the same gender, this has been around since humans started taking history down in song and poetry, long before writing. There are many possible causes of this preference, but they usually become fairly apparent at puberty when normal sexual development occurs. This is a real thing, not a fantasy, you like what you like. You may not like someone else's preferences, but you really have no say in the matter, any more than me telling you what your favorite flavor of ice cream will be. A person being attracted to same gender does not require anyone else to agree or disagree with it, as it is an internal personal preference.

Gender Identity is another ball of wax altogether. While there is such a thing as intersex medically, it really has nothing much to do with the 'trans community' to any statistical significance. Gender Identity is the belief that people can be born into the wrong body, which is patently ridiculous. You could only be born you genetically, there really is no other way this can work biologically, and I am of course assuming we are talking about actual biological humans, not made up space aliens. That said, biological males can not 'make' themselves into another gender or sex. They can dress up, sure, even be a convincing imposters and actors, but that does not make them into something else anymore than children at Halloween can become robots and space monsters.

My complaint against the trans community is that it is based on self delusion or mass psychosis, take your pick, it's still a mental disorder since it is based upon an individual having a distorted or outright wrong image of themselves, and further, demanding that others externally acknowledge their self delusion as real or face actual legal and financial consequences.

I can't tell you what you have to wear, but I can call you out if you are claiming to be something you clearly aren't, whether it be a person impersonating a police officer, a doctor, or a licensed professional, another person they clearly aren't like Cleopatra or Napoleon...or a man pretending that they are a woman, or woman pretending to be a man, or an under age child pretending to be an adult to buy booze or buy drugs. I'm not singling any particular mental disorder out either, as I will also not pretend that the delusions of a schizophrenic or manic bi-polar depressive are actually real either. It won't be long until you have to claim to see whatever the mentally ill see and hear just to keep your job.

The whole 'gender' issue is also being used a social dividing tactic. Someone clearly wants everyone to be at everyone else's throats in this country. Being as the 'trans' phenomena is not present anywhere else except in very politically liberal enclaves (unlike homosexuality which is pretty uniformly everywhere at about roughly 4%,2%male, 2%female), and due to faddish psychological manias of the past being identically regional in nature or through exposure to such manias, such as social media, I can only conclude the entire Trans issue will become moot on its own in time as it falls into unpopularity like all other flavors of du jour psychological narcissism disorders.

The main concern I do have is the permanent damage being done to under age children, effectively leaving them castrated and unbalanced for a pathetic passing fad, permanently mutiliated for the rest of their days. The damage has already been done to tens of thousands of children, I hope sanity prevails soon.