Tuesday, June 27, 2023

They are Coming for your Children

The NY Post reports:
At New York’s annual Drag March on Friday, activists chanted “we’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.”

It’s shocking. But not new. In recent years, such blunt, outrageous rhetoric from the gay left has become pretty familiar.

Two years ago, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus released a YouTube video in which 81 of its members sang a song with the refrain: “We’ll convert your children / Happens bit by bit. / Quietly and subtly. / You will barely notice it.”

CBS News reports:
The community came out in numbers Tuesday night with signs and flags to support trans youth and speak out against against a proposal in the Marlboro School District.

The policy in question would make it a requirement for teachers to notify parents if their K-8 students identify as transgender.

"A lot of kids are scared they're not in a safe environment to come out," resident Cali Trainor said.

The school board is calling it a "family-centered approach," saying parental involvement is needed because of the age of the students involved. Parents in support of the proposal say they deserve to know what is going on with their children.

"People here tonight spoke of increasing suicide rates and all the emotions, social, and mental distress that comes along with gender dysphoria and something like that should never be kept from a parent," one parent said.

Under the policy, a parent that disagrees with their child wanting to change pronouns would meet with the student and a school administrator to determine next steps.

The New Jersey governor is firmly against informing parents:
Some say this idea will not only rob trans individuals of their right to privacy, but also shatter the trust between teachers and students. Gov. Phil Murphy addressed the topic Tuesday night.

"We will be vigilant to the max in fighting back," Murphy said.

Trans allies say this proposal is solely focused on exposing trans children, and no one else that identifies as gay, bisexual, or otherwise.

Teachers betray our trust if they keep any secrets from parents, or encourage any behavior to the disapproval of the parents. Schools should not be endorsing behavior that is "gay, bisexual, or otherwise." I would also object if the schools were covering up heterosexual activities. The kids are not even old enough to legally do any of those things.


CFT said...

To lay it out plain:
Many in the gay community are absolutely horrified by the “we’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.” shit coming out of the mouths of these 'activists'. This is a purely predatory rhetoric, behavior, and ideology which should not be allowed in any school, much less around young children, regardless of the sexual preferences of the teachers.

Many grew up in a time when gay people were trying desperately hard to prove they were not de-facto child molesters, and that they wouldn't and couldn't 'queer' young children, as the children were already born with their own innate preferences which would only be revealed in time as they grew to adulthood.

These so called activists are going to bring the sword of Damocles down upon everyone who is gay, (I am talking only about homosexuals, not the rest of the alphabet soup groups) as there is nothing more medieval and dangerous than a parent protecting their child from a threat or harm, and these activists have already done much much harm. If any law or government gets in between a parent and their child's safetey, look out.

Castrating and mutilating a child to promote a mental disorder and support a political ideology goes way over the line into outright evil. It isn't really a debatable issue if this is going to have long lasting negative consequences. If you incite a parent to protect their child from an imminent threat, moderation is not what you should expect.

CFT said...

The backlash is coming. This will not be kind.