Saturday, July 01, 2023

Three Racists still on the Court

The US Supreme Court ruled against racism in college admissions. The three Democrats dissented, of course. One wrote:
To be clear, today's decision leaves intact holistic college admissions and recruitment efforts that seek to enroll diverse classes without using racial classifications. Universities should continue to use those tools as best they can to recruit and admit students from different backgrounds based on all the other factors the Court's opinion does not, and cannot, touch.
Why is she saying what "universities should" do? He job is to say what is legal or illegal, not what anyone should do. There is the leftist legal mind at work. No respect for rule of law. Just pushing her political agenda.

Even worse, she is advocating circumvention the law to impose racist admissions policies.

It is funny that the courts would never help Whites when they were discriminated against. They only act when racist colleges were favoring Blacks over Asians.

It is also funny to see the lame arguments for affirmative action, disagreeing with this court decision. They pretend to say it is needed, to correct injustices. But read carefully, and they never have any serious examples of injustices. Their real argument is that Blacks need favoritism because they cannot make it on their own.

In France, it appears that belief in diversity quotas can land you in jail:

Paris Saint Germain coach Christophe Galtier was held for questioning along with his son as part of a probe into alleged discrimination, ...

The allegations first surfaced in the French media in April. The reports alleged that ex-Nice sporting director Julien Fournier had written an email at the end of the 2021/22 season in which he claimed Galtier had made discriminatory remarks at several members of the Nice squad.

"He (Galtier) told me that I should take account of the reality of the city and that in effect we should not have as many blacks and Muslims in the team," claimed Fournier, whose relationship with Galtier was a fraught one. "He told me he wanted to profoundly change the team's make-up and limit the maximum number of Muslims."

The allegations have been denied. It seems to me that a man should be able to have an opinion.

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CFT said...

What has always disgusted me about affirmative action is the entire openly racist concept of 'protected classes' of people, when clearly there is not supposed to be any such thing, ever. Minorities are not and never have been 'special', or an endangered species like some kind of rare bird that must be protected MORE or LESS than anyone else. We did away with slavery quite some time ago, we have no royal 'subjects' or serfs, which are really just fancy ways of saying 'property of someone else'.

We are all Americans, there should be no other sub classification in terms of 'rights' or 'classes' or 'privileges' (other than an under age minor) other than citizenship which must be a determining factor.

Citizenship must be a determining factor for all human rights and privileges because ALL human laws are enforced in a territorial manner, there isn't a single legal law on the entire planet which is not determined or enforced by territory, and I AM including the precious so called 'Geneva Conventions'. You can't grant a person in China the rights of an American because the laws of the United States do not have jurisdiction outside of its own borders, which is as it should be, as otherwise the Chinese, Russians, Cubans, or any other land could lay a similar claim on American citizens stripping them of their freedom of speech if it insulted their leaders for example. Laws are always double edged swords, they cut everyone, and they should never be applied selectively among citizens of the same country, or they lose all meaning and authority.