Saturday, July 15, 2023

Professor fired for exposing bogus DIE statistics

Liberals used to be in favor of free speech. Now they gang up on a tenured statistics professor who criticized govt misuse of statistics.

FIRE reports:

The case involves Stephen Porter, a tenured professor of Higher Education in North Carolina State’s Department of Leadership, Policy and Adult & Higher Education, where he teaches graduate-level statistics and data analysis. He complained several times in recent years that NC State’s diversity initiatives resulted in “abandoning rigorous methodological analysis in favor of results-driven work aimed at furthering a highly dogmatic view of ‘diversity,’ ‘equity,’ and ‘inclusion.’” Over the course of two years, he criticized these initiatives’ impact on the department’s higher ed degree program, with which he was affiliated, during a 2016 department meeting, in a Spring 2018 email to colleagues, and in a personal blog post written that fall.

As a result, NC State removed Porter from the higher ed program on grounds that he was insufficiently collegial. He sued....

The 4th Circuit federal court of appeal upheld the firing.

From a disappointed commenter:

Curiously, the two judges in the majority (Wynn and Thacker) are Obama appointees, whereas the one judge in dissent (Richardson) is a Trump appointee. As the preceding comment observes, the argumentation in the dissenting opinion is far better than that in the majority opinion.
Yes, this is a pattern. Trump appointees favor freedom. Democratic appointees favor forcing everyone into their program.

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