Sunday, February 06, 2022

Atheism Movement is Controlled by Leftists

Here is a recent lecture on Phil Zuckerman: “How Secular Morality Will Save the World”:
Phil Zuckerman is the author of several books, including "What It Means to be Moral." He is the Associate Dean as well as Professor of Sociology at Pitzer College, and the founding chair of the nation’s first Secular Studies Program. Zuckerman gave a talk about “How Secular Morality Will Save the World” at FFRF's National Convention in Boston.

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He says, at 8:40 to strong applause:
“The question is not how can you be moral if you don’t believe in God, but how can you be moral if you believe in God.”
Okay, I guess he thinks atheists are morally superior.

At 24:30 he says he has more in common with a religious leftist, than an atheist Trump supporter. The audience applauds.

What is going on here? What does atheism have to do with hating Trump? Trump is not even particularly religious.

Much of the lecture was bragging about how secularists and atheists are mostly leftists. He says he is horrified and disgusted that any atheists would support Trump.

Atheists hate it when you accuse them of having their own faiths, just like religious folks. But how else do you explain the atheist movement being so Leftist?

My dictionary defines atheist as someone who denies God. However, the leading atheists hardly ever talk about God, and talk about advancing Leftist political causes much more. I think atheism has become a variant of Leftism.

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