Thursday, February 10, 2022

Examples of Neanderthal Thinking

SciAm reports:
Last March, as Texas and Mississippi lifted their coronavirus pandemic mask mandates against the advice of health officials, President Joe Biden accused the governors of those states of “Neandertal thinking.” ...

Yet numerous studies underscore the similarities between Neandertals and us. Finds at Neandertal sites across Eurasia show that they had innovative technology, complex foraging strategies and nascent symbolic traditions. ...

It is very unlikely moderns independently evolved these Neandertal-like traits. Rather there was probably a lot of variation in Neandertal morphology, and in later times some interbreeding occurred between them and our modern European ancestors. The “unique” traits were passed on as part of these interbreeding events. ...

Mounting evidence from sites across Europe is forcing scientists to rethink their conception of these long-disparaged members of the human family. The Krapina Neandertals are an important part of this shift. We suspect that future discoveries at Krapina and beyond will further narrow the list of behavioral and anatomical traits that supposedly set Neandertals apart from moderns. They were not the same as us. But we have far more in common with them than not.

I am not sure who is more bigoted, Biden or Scientific American.

The states lifting the mask mandates were much more sensible.

Why do SciAm, and other anthropologists, keep insisting that Neanderthals were not the same as us. DNA research has proved that they were ancestors to all Europeans and Asians. This article was written by a Kansan and a Croatian, not an African.

Biden said "Neanderthal Thinking", not "Neandertal Thinking". Listen for yourself.

The accumulating evidence shows that Neanderthals were the more advanced ones, when they interbred with Africans about 30k years ago. The Neanderthal-African hybrids also showed advanced traits, but they seem to have gotten them from Neanderthals.

Neanderthals did not just interbreed with our modern European ancestors. Neanderthals are our modern European ancestors. It would be more accurate to say that Africans interbred with our Neanderthal European ancestors.

Also showing anti-White bigotry is the new Showtime movie, everything's gonna be all white (2022). The preview is swamped with 1000s of negative comments. The negative comments have more likes that the preview itself. Apparently it is a whole movie about how POCs (ie, colored people) hate White folks. Based on the preview, perhaps someone should find a place for those POCs to live, far away from Whites.

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