Sunday, February 13, 2022

Christian Nationalism versus Wokism

Our increasingly polarized society is divided by Right/Left, Red/Blue, Republican/Democrat, Trump/Biden, etc. Some argue that the real division is Christian Nationalism versus Wokism.

An anti-religion society makes this argument in the video, Andrew Seidel: Christian Nationalism on January 6, supported by Christian nationalism key force behind Jan. 6 Capitol attack, asserts new report

“Survey after survey finds that close to half of Americans are at the very least supportive of the fusion of Christianity with American civic life,” Whitehead and Perry write. ...

“There seems to be a reluctance among many in the media to acknowledge the huge part that Christian nationalism played in the events of Jan. 6,” says FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “This report is a go-to guide for a full understanding.”

“The ideology of Christian nationalism, which has become deeply entrenched in American society over centuries, will take generations to dismantle,” says Tyler.

I am dubious about some of this analysis. This is from a bunch of religion-haters who blame everything on religion, but they say the chief leader of Christian Nationalism is Donald Trump, and he is not even particularly religious.

On the other side, Wokism has emerged as a new religion, coupled with a whole set of political opinions.

Assuming this is all correct, and we are reasonably democratic, then both factions are battling for the future of America. Choose one. Other political choices are meaningless.

Wokism is evil. It uses identity politics to create hatred. Nothing good has come of it.

I am not sure what Christian Nationalism is, but it seems to include Europe for the last millennium, and the USA for the last three centuries. In other words, modern civilization as we know it. I will choose that over Wokism.

For recent examples of the evils of wokism, a bitter ex-wife, lunatic judge, and LGBTQ psychiatrists teamed up to have a man's son castrated. University of Chicago students get murdered, and campus leftist groups side with the murderers. Blqck diversity consultants have so much money that one group took the month off to sip champagne out of her bathtub, as the NY Times reported.

The tyranny, intolerance, and vindictiveness of the woke is startling. Liberals used to brag about being tolerant. No more. They are out for blood.

CNN reported:

Jacob Chansley, the so-called "QAnon Shaman," was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the US Capitol riot.

The Justice Department had asked for Chansley to receive a harsh sentence as a way to set an example among the January 6 rioters, and prosecutors have positioned Chansley as emblematic of a barbaric crowd.

I guess they consider him to be on the side of Christian Nationalism, even if he does not know what it is.

The above video complains about trivialities, such as Pres. Trump once crossing the street from the White House for a photo op at a church. Why was this so upsetting to the Left? Surely the President should be able to have a photo op anywhere he wants.

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