Sunday, September 05, 2021

Who wrote the Bible?

Fred Reed writes:
Do Jews Contain Microchips? ...

The perennial insistence that Jews are out to destroy white Christian civilization runs into the awkward facts that Jews are usually white and that Christianity is their invention. Uberpatriots make invidious comparisons between Christian virtues and the dark morals and failings of other races and tribes, but … wait … didn’t Jews write the Bible?

No, Jews did not write the Bible.

Saying Jews wrote the Bible is like says the British wrote the Declaration of Independence. Yes, it is written in the English language, and the British invented the English language, and the authors were descended from the British. But America is not their invention. America was invented as a rejection of British monarchy.

The Bible was written in Greek by unknown authors. Parts of the Old Testament were first written Hebrew, but Christians don't care about that. Traditions says that Moses wrote the first five books, but this Jewish source says Moses was not a Jew.

Some of the apostles and other New Testament characters appear to be off Jewish descent, but they convert to Christianity, and so would not be considered Jews anymore.

Jews are often considered white, but many Jews consider themselves non-white. Jewish-dominated publications like the NY Times have become anti-white, and Atlantic magazine says Jews are not white.

I am not sure Reed is serious in the above essay.

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