Friday, September 10, 2021

MeToo Leaders are Split on Andrew Cuomo

The MeToo movement is just an arm of the Democrat Party.

PBS TV reports:

Judy Woodruff: It's been almost a month since New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he would resign, after a report by the state attorney general's office found he sexually harassed multiple women.

Since then, a cascade of firings and resignations have brought down leaders of the women's movement caught in Cuomo's orbit. On Monday, Alphonso David was fired as president of the human rights campaign. That follows resignations by Tina Tchen, the chief executive at Time's Up, an organization focused on supporting women in the workplace, along with Roberta Kaplan at the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund, and a number of the group's board members.

All left after revelations that they had advised Cuomo's team on how to respond to the allegations. The news raises questions about the progress of the MeToo movement and where to go from here, nearly four years after the hashtag went viral in 2017.

I am not sure why giving advice is so bad. There must be more to the story. Maybe they advised Cuomo to attack the credibility of the accusers, while those organizations promote the idea of believing all women.

Or maybe MeToo is all about ganging up on those men who are out of favor, and someone didn't get the memo that Cuomo quickly switched from being in favor to out of favor.

Either way, I don't get the impression that anyone was interested in getting to the underlying truth.

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