Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Pope Makes Apolitical Remarks about Hungary

The NY Times reports:
‘Not a Flag to Wave’: Pope Criticizes Political Use of Christianity

On a four-day visit to Slovakia and Hungary, Francis had strong words for those who wield Christian symbols for personal gain.

I am not sure why this is news. The Vatican has always favored staying out of politics.
What is the value, he asked, of hanging a crucifix from a rearview mirror or one’s neck if a person has no meaningful relationship with Jesus? “What good is this,” he said, “unless we stop to look at the crucified Jesus and open our hearts to him?”
Okay, this seems apolitical to me.
The Vatican said that the pope’s visit to Budapest was purely spiritual in nature, to celebrate the closing Mass of a weeklong Catholic congress. But others close to the pope allowed that there could be a tacit message to Mr. Orban in the discrepancy between the time spent in Hungary and that spent in Slovakia, which is led by a progressive president who, like Francis, is critical of nationalism.
This is ridiculous. The NY Times hates Hungary and Orban. It hates that Orban presents Hungary as a Christian country. It will twist anything to try to make him look bad. However bad this Pope is, he certainly does not want Hungary to be invaded by Moslems, as the NY Times does.

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