Thursday, September 09, 2021

Google is Caught Being Evil

Christopher F. Rufo writes:
Technology giant Google has launched an “antiracism” initiative that presents speakers and materials claiming that America is a “system of white supremacy” and that all Americans are “raised to be racist.”

I have obtained a trove of whistleblower documents from inside Google that reveal the company’s extensive racial-reeducation program, based on the core tenets of critical race theory — including “intersectionality,” “white privilege,” and “systemic racism.” In a foundational training module called “Allyship in Action,” Google’s head of systemic allyship Randy Reyes and a team of consultants from The Ladipo Group train employees to deconstruct their racial and sexual identities, and then rank themselves on a hierarchy of “power [and] privilege.” The trainers then instruct the employees to “manage [their] reactions to privilege” — which are likely to include feelings of “embarrassment, shame, fear, [and] anger” — through “body movement,” “deep breathing,” “accessing [their] ‘happy place,’” and “cry[ing].”

The program presents a series of video conversations promoting the idea that the United States was founded on white supremacy. In one video, Google’s former global lead for diversity strategy, Kamau Bobb — who was later reassigned to a non-diversity role at the company after being exposed for writing that Jews have “an insatiable appetite for war and killing” — discussed America’s founding with 1619 Project editor Nikole Hannah-Jones. Jones claimed that “the first Africans being sold on the White Lion [slave ship in 1619] is more foundational to the American story” than “the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock.” She claimed that she led the New York Times’ 1619 Project — a revisionist historical account of the American founding — to verify her “lifelong theory” that everything in the modern-day United States can be traced back to slavery. “If you name anything in America, I can relate it back to slavery,” Jones said in the video. At the end of the conversation, Jones concluded that all white Americans benefit from the system of white supremacy. “If you’re white in this country, then you have to understand that whether you personally are racist or not, whether you personally engage in racist behavior or not, you are the beneficiary of a 350-year system of white supremacy and racial hierarchy,” she said.

It is funny how these White-haters occasionally get into trouble for badmouthing Jews. I guess he didn't get the memo on what groups he is allowed to attack.

Suppose Google convinces me that everything good about the USA stems from White supremacy, and that BIPOCs are going to hate and resent Whites no matter what. Then what? The sensible conclusion is that we need to continue this system of White supremacy, as the only way to maintain civilized society.

With Google controlling a lot of the internet, one would hope that they uphold liberal tolerance for different views.

Thomas B. Edsall writes in the NY Times:

“In a striking reversal,” Chong wrote, “liberals are now consistently less tolerant than conservatives of a wide range of controversial speech about racial, gender and religious identities.”
That's right, and Google has joined the intolerant Left.
[Cass] Sunstein cites “microaggressions” as an area that “has exploded,” writing:
At one point, the University of California at Berkeley signaled its willingness to consider disciplining people for making one of a large number of statements,” including “America is a melting pot,” “Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough,” and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”
Apparently it is acceptable to say that America is a White supremacist nation, but not to say that it is a melting pot.

Edsall goes on to explain that White liberals do not even believe the stuff they say, and may even be opposed to it. So what keeps them towing the line?

They are scared of Democrats who "relentlessly enforce norms by shaming and ostracizing nonconformists." So "they bend over backward to use the most up-to-date terminology and to lend public support to policies they may privately oppose." And "there does seem to be some true feelings of guilt and shame about being white."

The NY Times is right. White liberals have been intimidated into betraying America.

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