Friday, September 24, 2021

Jews Try to Censor Truth about Demographics

Jews and Jewish organizations consistently seek to replace Whites with non-whites in the USA and Europe, and to destroy anyone who points this out.

The Daily Beast reports:

The Anti-Defamation League is reiterating its calls for Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson after the network’s primetime star went all-in on espousing the racist “Great Replacement” theory this week.

The last time Carlson embraced the conspiracy theory, his boss Lachlan Murdoch dismissed the outrage, claiming the Fox star was merely talking about voting rights. But now, the ADL said, Carlson is “openly embracing white nationalist talking points.”

The Fox News host has repeatedly fear-mongered about Democrats allegedly bringing in dark-skinned immigrants with the express purpose of “replacing” the American (read: white) electorate. On Wednesday night, he declared that the Biden administration is intentionally trying “to change the racial mix of the country” through immigration.

“In political terms, this policy is called ‘the great replacement,’ the replacement of legacy Americans with more obedient people from far-away countries,” Carlson exclaimed. “They brag about it all the time, but if you dare to say it's happening they will scream at you with maximum hysteria.” ...

On Thursday, in response to Carlson’s latest segment, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt renewed his calls for Fox News to dump its biggest star.

“It cannot be overstated enough,” Greenblatt said in a statement to The Daily Beast. “For Tucker Carlson, host of one of the most-watched news programs in the country, to use his platform as a megaphone to spread the toxic, antisemitic, and xenophobic ‘great replacement theory’ is a repugnant and dangerous abuse of his platform.”

Note that the ADL doesn't say that the Great Replacement theory is false. The NY Times has about one article a week celebrating the replacement as being a good thing. That is, good for Jews.

Israeli law prevents Jews being replaced with non-Jews in Israel. Most Jews and Jewish organizations openly support policies to keep the ethnic mix of Israel predominantly Jewish. But if you argue to preserve the ethnic mix of the USA, then Jewish organizations will use their power and influence to cancel you.

It is a fact that the Biden administration is intentionally trying “to change the racial mix of the country” through immigration. If the ADL were honest, it would welcome an informed public debate on the merits of this. Nope. It is all-in for racist and destructive policies that would not survive such a debate.

It goes without saying that not all Jews are in favor of replacement. Probably only 80% of them. A lot of the orthodox Jews are probably against it. I am commonent on the Jewish organizations and publications that are openly in favor of it, such as the ADL and NY Times.

Update: Here is Tucker Carlson responding, on another show. He doesn't say anything about Jews It is funny that the ADL is so adamant that any criticism of the great replacement must be a criticism of Jews. It is implying that Jews are the driving force behind the great replacement.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency also writes about this:

The “Great Replacement” is ... Jews are orchestrating the replacement of white people in western countries with nonwhite immigrants. ... white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, Virginia infamously chanted “Jews will not replace us.”
It is also funny how Jews endlessly complain about Whites not wanting Jews to replace them with non-whites. If this were not a Jewish goal, they would surely say so.

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