Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Belgium is Already a Lost Country

From a translated video:
A couple of days ago I posted a video from Silvia Sardone, an Italian MEP for the Lega, talking about the enormous mosque being built in Strasbourg with funding from the city government. In the following video Ms. Sardone visits the other “capital of Europe”, Brussels, to discuss the recent conviction of four members of the Flemish nationalist group Voorpost. The four men were given six-month prison sentences for displaying a banner with the words “Stop Islamization” above stylized figures clad in niqabs.
Apparently Moslems have enough political power that they cannot be criticized.

This is not freedom of religion. This is subjugation by an invading people.

The US is not even concerned about Islam anymore. The feds just want to blame Whites. The Atlantic reports:

In the two decades since September 11, the U.S. has fought terrorism and extremism by concentrating on law-enforcement and intelligence readiness, with experts focused on disrupting fringe groups before they carry out violence. This Band-Aid approach is ill-suited to combatting modern far-right extremism, which has spread well beyond fringe groups and into the mainstream.
No, there is no far-right extremism in the mainstream. This is just silly.

If we have learned anything in the last year, it is that BLM has led to a huge upsurge in murders and other criminal violence. And not by far-right extremists. About 95% of it is in groups that vote Democrat.

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