Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Russia calls out American Racism

Robert Hampton writes:
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov apparently shows more concern for ordinary white Americans than the average Republican lawmaker. ...

Lavrov’s purpose was to skewer the United Nations dedicating a day to acknowledging the horrible threat posed by “white supremacy.” The Russian diplomat said that the decision reflects the UN operating as the “the Organization Promoting American concepts, or American trends.”

This position contrasts sharply with that of our own diplomats. Joe Biden’s UN Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, went before the international body twice this Spring to denounce white Americans and the Founding Fathers.

Four-hundred-and-two years ago, African slaves were forced onto the shores of the colony of Virginia. Two years ago, the 1619 Project brought attention to this anniversary, and put the consequences of slavery, and the contributions of Black Americans, back at the center of our history and of our national narrative. As the project detailed, slavery is the original sin of America. It’s weaved white supremacy and black inferiority into our founding documents and principles.

She repeated those remarks again a month later. American media outlets praised her comments as a “powerful” rebuttal against racism.

America is fond of calling out Russia’s alleged human rights abuses and disregard for democratic norms. Lavrov responded to these claims with a reminder of America’s own record, particularly its persecution of Trump supporters involved in the Capitol protests.

“We are following with interest the persecution of those persons who are accused of the riots on January 6 this year,” Lavrov said last week, stressing that Vladimir Putin will press Biden on this issue when the two meet this summer. “A lot of really interesting things are happening from the point of view of the rights of the opposition and protecting those rights,” the Russian diplomat added.

It is rich for America to attack other countries that suppress protesters and dissidents when our regime does the same thing. We attack China for denying bail to non-violent election protesters while we deny bail to non-violent election protesters here. We criticize Belarus for diverting a flight to arrest a dissident while we don’t even allow dissidents to fly here. We denounce Russia for firing government workers for their political beliefs while every corporation and institution does the same thing here. This isn’t the Land of the Free anymore.

He is right that we criticize suppression of protesters in other countries, while the USA has jailed 500 pro-democracy protesters from Jan. 6. Many of those have been held without bail, and sometimes in solitary confinement. Most of them were just peacefully expressing a political opinion to lawmakers.

Meanwhile our elite universities have gone fully anti-white. The Sun reports:

THE psychologist who confessed to fantasizing about shooting white people during a talk at Yale has defended her comments.

Dr. Aruna Khilanani says her words were taken out of context to “control the narrative" after it was reported she had discussed her "fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person".

In an email to The New York Times Khilanani said: "My work is important. And, I stand by it. We need to heal in this country.” ...

The Yale School of Medicine said in a statement that leaders there "found the tone and content antithetical to the values of the school".

Apparently she has been mad at Whites for many years because a White therapist observed that she was psychotic. Why are these people even allowed into the USA? Or Yale?

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