Friday, June 25, 2021

Warning about Domestic Terrorism

A new U.S. military training document obtained exclusively by The Intercept places socialists in the same "terrorist ideological category" as neo-nazis, worsening long-standing progressive fears that a federal crackdown on "domestic terrorism" would just as likely be used to target leftists who want a truly democratic society as to thwart far-right extremists who favor racist authoritarianism.
I don't get it. Nazis were National Socialists. Of course socialists and neo-nazis belong in the same category.

We now know that the only organizations involved in the Jan. 6 protests were controlled by FBI informants. So the feds know much more than they are telling us. Maybe the FBI planned the whole thing. Maybe it was a false flag operation. The feds also have 15,000 hours of video recording that they refuse to release. Obviously the feds are covering up something.

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